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Sweet Lips Infusions
Sweet Lips Infusions

Pineapple, Coconut & Mexican Lime

Sweet Lips Infusions presents Pineapple, Coconut and Mexican Lime a tropical escape in every sip. Crafted with all-natural Flavors and a Moscato base, this wine is a harmonious blend of exotic Pineapple, creamy Coconut, and zesty Mexican Lime. It’s a refreshing choice that promises to bring the essence of summer to your glass.
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Tasting Notes

Moderately sweet with a perfect balance of natural pineapple’s slight acidity and the rich, smooth creaminess of coconut. The addition of Mexican lime juice brings a fresh and zesty complexity to the palate. Enjoy this wine over ice for extra refreshment or as part of a cocktail mix. It pairs wonderfully with light appetisers and is an excellent choice for a celebratory toast.


A tropical bouquet, with the freshness of pineapple and the richness of coconut, complemented by a hint of zesty lime.


Fresh pineapple and creamy coconut dominate, with a subtle twist of Mexican lime that adds a refreshing complexity.


The texture is lightly spritzed, providing a delightful effervescence that enhances the wine’s refreshing quality.


A versatile companion to a variety of dishes. It shines alongside light appetisers like shrimp cocktail or ceviche. For a main course, consider pairing it with grilled chicken topped with a pineapple salsa or a coconut curry with a hint of lime. And for dessert, a fruit tart or coconut-lime sorbet would be sublime.

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Sweet Lips Infusions

ABOUT THE Sweet Lips Infusions RANGE

A collaboration between Meditrina Beverages’ experienced winemakers and Australia’s leading flavourists, we have created four on trend wine-based products. All four fruit flavoured wines are enjoyed in various ways – on its own chilled, garnished with fruit of a part of a cocktail mix. These wines can be enjoyed by the pool, at a BBQ or at the beach. Simply add any twist to your favourite flavour!

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