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The goddess Meditrina

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What's in a name?

Our name is as rich in meaning as wine is in flavour. Meditrina pays homage to the Roman goddess associated with the art of healing, longevity, and wine itself.

In ancient times, wine was not only a symbol of celebration but also a cherished elixir, believed to possess medicinal properties that fostered health and well-being.

It is this intertwining of heritage and healing that inspired Meditrina Beverages, calling on both time-honoured traditions of viniculture and the restorative joys found in a glass of wine.

In choosing Meditrina as our name, we made a commitment to create wines that do more than just please the palate;

they enrich the soul, mend the spirit, and invite a toast to life's most precious moments.

Our story interweaves deep roots of heritage with a pioneering spirit of innovation.

At the heart of this journey is a story of transformation from the cherished legacy of one of Australia’s great wine estates to the vibrant dawn of Meditrina Beverages, adding a new chapter of legacy and dedication to the Australian wine industry.


Our company


Where tradition meets tomorrow

Our tagline speaks to our commitment to preserve the time-honoured practices that have stood the test of time while boldly embracing innovations that promise to shape the future of winemaking and the greater beverage industry. This delicate balance ensures that every bottle from Meditrina honours the past, but also pioneers the path to a bright and exciting future.

It’s about cherishing what has been, while eagerly anticipating what is yet to come.


To revolutionise the beverage industry by blending heritage with innovation, enriching lives, and crafting wines that tell a story.


To create exceptional beverages that celebrate our rich history, honour the art of winemaking, and inspire a happier, more enriched and joyful life through every glass.


Meditrina Beverages has five core brand values. These statements are at the heart of our brand. They are crucial in guiding us in the execution of our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. We aim not only to produce outstanding wines but to enrich lives and foster connections, making every Meditrina moment one to cherish.


and tradition

A pioneering spirit rooted in where we have come from

We honour the legacy of winemaking while climbing to new horizons in the beverage industry, merging time-honoured traditions with ground-breaking innovations to delight and surprise our customers.


Quality and craftsmanship

Uncompromised excellence in every sip

Each bottle we produce is a statement of our unwavering commitment to excellence, from vine to glass, ensuring great taste and an unparalleled experience.


Sustainability and stewardship

Caring for tomorrow, today

We’re committed to nurturing our planet and everything around us, employing sustainable practices that ensure our resources’ longevity and future generations’ well-being.


Family and community

United by wine, bonded as family

Meditrina Beverages is more than a brand; it’s a family. We build and cherish connections within our team, customers, and community, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual growth.


and joy

A toast to health and happiness

We believe in the restorative power of a good glass of wine. While moderation is key, Meditrina is dedicated to enhancing lifestyles and bringing joy, embodying the essence of our namesake goddess.


Our heritage

Old Warburn Logo
Old Warburn Logo
Old Warburn Logo
Old Warburn logo

Meditrina Beverages stands on the foundation of a 50-year legacy.

This heritage is woven into the fabric of Meditrina Beverages, from the vineyards that have borne witness to decades of change, to the timeless art of winemaking that runs deep in our brand’s veins.

Meditrina pays homage to this legacy by maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every bottle tells a story of passion, perseverance, and excellence.

Meditrina Beverages Heritage


The path to Meditrina Beverages is rich with the history of four generations of values and traditions.

Synonymous with Warburn Estate, and originating from Italy in 1952, the Sergi family’s journey in the Australian wine industry began in the fertile soils of the Riverina, where their commitment and passion for winemaking, coupled with a relentless pursuit of quality, has become the cornerstone upon which this legacy is built.

Sergi Family

Beginning with Giuseppe and Maria Sergi and continuing with their son Antonio, the family founded Warburn Estate (Riverina Wines) in 1968. Through dedication to quality winemaking, they began to cement Warburn Estate’s reputation as a producer of quality wines.

The estate grew under the leadership of successive generations of the Sergi family, expanding its capabilities and enhancing its winemaking techniques to over-deliver on the wines they produced.

Warburn Estate’s journey to becoming the eighth-largest winery in Australia epitomises a fervent dedication to quality winemaking and a keen understanding of the Australian palate. The Sergi family’s commitment bore fruit, as Warburn Estate’s wines became celebrated across the country and beyond, a true sign of hard work, innovation, and the lush Riverina region.

The acquisition of Warburn Estate by Meditrina Beverages marked a pivotal moment for the winery, signalling a rejuvenation underpinned by respect for its legacy and a vision for its future. The Sergi family’s decision to pass the baton was not taken lightly; it was a strategic move to preserve the winery’s heritage while embracing change.

Meditrina Beverages, led by our Director, Tony Taliano, promises to uphold the Estate’s storied tradition, injecting a fresh perspective focused on sustainability, community engagement, and the craft of creating wines that continue to tell the story of their origin.

Sergi Family Generations

Over their 55-year guardianship the Sergi family scaled the winery to manage more than 1,000 hectares of vineyard, with a crushing capacity of 40,000 tonnes and tank storage for 35 million litres of wine.


The Meditrina family

We cherish the concept of family in all its forms.

From the bonds we share with our loved ones to the broader connections we nurture within our winery, the community and the industry at large.

Our journey to rejuvenate the legacy of Warburn Estate has been driven by the personal mission of our Director, Tony Taliano, and deeply influenced by his daughters and a future for them. This mirrors our broader belief that the wine industry is an extension of family, where dedication and hard work are devoted to nurturing future generations.

We’re not just a company.

We believe in the importance of connections and the collective well-being of all whom we consider family.

meet some of the meditrina family


Tony’s journey through the wine industry is marked by an unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Starting in 1998 at Warburn Estate as a winemaking assistant, he quickly showcased his talent and passion, advancing through various roles to significantly impact wine production and export sales.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture beyond wine, founding The Real Juice Co. in 2005, further broadening his expertise in the Australian beverage industry.

Now at the helm of Meditrina Beverages, he combines his extensive experience with a visionary approach, revitalising the winery’s legacy with a focus on sustainability, quality, and the celebration of family and community through wine.






Our name, inspired by Meditrina, the Roman goddess of healing and health, symbolises our commitment to uniting people in the celebration of life and wellness through the shared joy of wine.

This notion of family extends to our dedicated team at Meditrina, who form a close-knit group operating as a family in their own right, to our local community, and the vast network of individuals and partners in the wine industry—all integral members of our expansive Meditrina family.

Our mission is deeply intertwined with this ethos of familial care, focusing on delivering exceptional quality and value that surpasses expectations

a tribute to our care for our consumer family

We aim to encapsulate our desire to share the happiness and benefits of our wines as if extending a warm invitation to join a family gathering. This philosophy is a cornerstone of our brand, guiding our values, priorities, and vision for the future.



Born from a legacy that values connection, we’re more than just a wine company — we’re our own, and part of many other communities, extending our table to include everyone.

Our roots in the Riverina region inspire us to nurture the bonds we share with our local community and beyond, weaving togetherness through every aspect of our journey.

This sense of belonging and mutual support is at the core of Meditrina, fostering a culture of inclusivity, collaboration, and growth. Whether it’s through engaging with customers, supporting local growers, or participating in community initiatives, Meditrina is committed to making a positive impact, one bottle at a time.

Nurturing Connections

Our collaboration with local growers, businesses, and families is not just about creating exceptional wines; it’s about strengthening the fabric of our community. We believe in supporting and uplifting one another, fostering relationships that grow and thrive alongside our vines.

Sustainability Initiatives

Our dedication to sustainability is our commitment to the future of our community. From adopting eco-friendly practices in the vineyard to engaging in local environmental projects, we strive to make a positive impact. Our efforts ensure that we not only preserve the beauty and health of our land but also cultivate a better tomorrow.

Celebrating Together

Meditrina Beverages is a fervent supporter of local events and initiatives that bring people together. Whether sponsoring the vibrant Citrus Sculptures during the Griffith Spring Fest or introducing our own community gatherings in the future, we’re passionate about creating moments of joy and celebration, not just in our products but all around us.

Empowering the Future

We believe in investing in the future — not just in winemaking but in our youth. Our educational programs and apprenticeships aim to inspire and cultivate the next generation of industry leaders, ensuring that the legacy of quality, innovation, and community engagement lives on.



At the heart of Meditrina Beverages lies a relentless drive for innovation.

Meditrina Beverages, leveraging our rich heritage, has embarked on a visionary path of innovation within the wine industry.

This journey of transformation is marked by a strategic focus on rebranding and product differentiation, exemplified by the evolution from our popular and accessible ranges to the new and sophisticated series.

Meditrina seeks to redefine the wine experience, exploring new blends, sustainable practices, and creative approaches to winemaking. From vineyard 

to the bottle, every process is infused with a spirit of exploration, ensuring that Meditrina not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the modern consumer.

This shift not only signifies a commitment to quality and value but also our ambition to exceed expectations at every price point. With a legacy that allows us significant production capacity, enabled Meditrina Beverages has the foundation to explore groundbreaking avenues in winemaking, from introducing innovative techniques to adopting sustainable practices.

This forward-thinking approach aims to connect with a diverse audience, ensuring each bottle from our winery is from a forward-thinking mind-set, while still being

grounded in the tradition of excellence that has always defined our brand.

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