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Rumours Shiraz


The Rumours Shiraz has a deep plum colour with a nose of black cherries and red fruits and hints of vanilla and chocolate. Savour the Rumours Shiraz, a wine that promises to be a sophisticated addition to any culinary occasion.
CELLARING: Ready to be enjoyed now
STORAGE: In a cool, dry environment
750ml Bottle














Tasting Notes

The wine offers a palate that is rich with sweet red berry fruit flavours, complemented by silky cocoa tannins that give this wine great length and a memorable finish.


It greets the nose with black cherries and red fruits, with hints of vanilla and chocolate, creating an inviting and complex bouquet.


The flavours are a delightful mix of sweet red berry fruits, with the richness of vanilla and chocolate adding depth and warmth.


The texture is characterised by silky cocoa tannins, providing a smooth and velvety mouthfeel that enhances the wine’s rich profile.


This Shiraz is an ideal match for red meat dishes, enhancing the flavours of the food with its robust and rich fruit profile

We recommend:

Red meat | Prosciutto | Cheese

Rumours Wine


The news about Rumours has spread like a good rumour should. Started by one bird and quickly moved along the telegraph wire to be shared with friends and family. These wines are easy drinking, affordable and full of fresh fruit flavours. The Rumours brand is a favourite to a wide variety of consumers due to its broad range of variety, affordable price and eye-catching label. The line up of colourful birds has received a great deal of attention Australia wide, with numerous requests for a picture of the Rumour spreading birds! Rumours varietals and blends are styled for easy drinking and high enjoyment.

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